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Versatile and durable for indoors and outdoors.

Sturdy aluminium cladding system suitable for outdoor and indoor spaces.

Ideal for cladding and enhancing buildings, especially when exposed to adverse weather conditions. Our cladding systems improve the aesthetic, energy and fire performance of both exterior façades and interior walls.

Extruded aluminium possesses countless values: lightweight and flexible enough to envelop all kinds of shapes, sustainable, recycled and recyclable with an endless life cycle. It resists deterioration over time and boasts high fireproof performance.

Suitable for all indoor
and outdoor shapes

BATTENS 50 is designed to fit all indoor and outdoor shapes. The system covers walls in three ways. The first method of fitting uses a substructure to which stainless steel brackets are attached: an innovative, robust, durable and easy-to-install fitting system.

The second method of fitting does not use a substructure. It uses a second profile anchored with screw and plug directly to the wall, onto which the 100 mm and 150 mm slats are snapped into place, either horizontally or vertically. This technique allows an excellent aesthetic effect as the fitting is completely concealed. In the third method of fitting, the slats are applied between the ceiling and the floor, and create concept partitions by the use of concealed brackets: an ideal way to create privacy indoors and outdoors.

100% Italian
Easy and strong,
also in the Secret Screen version

In addition to cladding walls, BATTENS50 also has a sun shading function; when installed as a sunscreen, it creates shaded areas and make spaces that are overly exposed to the sun more welcoming. BATTENS 50 provides protection, thermal comfort and great weather resistance.

BATTENS50’s clean design takes on countless shapes and colours, depending on project requirements. Similarly to BATTENS 30, BATTENS 50 can also be laid in different ways and can have many different looks, also thanks to the various DFV finishes. Sturdy, durable and safe, BATTENS 50 adds refined depth and highly realistic finishes to the interior or the exterior of your project.

Make way for the powerful appeal of indoor and outdoor design with the BATTENS 50 cladding system.

Product plusses and unique details

Unlike wood cladding, the aluminium cladding system resists adverse weather conditions and does not require constant maintenance. It ensures high fire-proof performance in accordance with current regulations and protects both inside and outside walls.

In addition to the technical advantages, a unique level of detail is achieved through DFV finishes with highly realistic material effects. From oak to metal, BATTENS 50 adapts itself to projects to create indoors and outdoors where every detail is taken care of, from proportion to wall colour matching.

Safe for
all kinds of spaces

The BATTENS 50 system enables the design of unique multifunctional spaces with special highly realistic DFV material finishes, and an invisible, yet strong and durable, fitting system. It can be used in a variety of settings such as office partitions, living rooms, stair barriers, pergolas and façade cladding.

The BATTENS 50 aluminium cladding system is the safest solution for cladding buildings from the outside as it acts as a protective shell for external walls and glazing. It insulates, protects, and has unbeatable safety.

BATTENS 50 clads exterior façades and interior walls to enhance aesthetic, energy and fire performance.



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    Outdoors and indoors, ForMe SKIN extruded aluminium cladding wraps façades and walls, providing design and sustainability. Choose your second skin between a sturdy aluminium slats CLADDING, the functional BATTENS 50 ribs or the minimal BATTENS LIGHT ribs.