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Aesthetic peak and performance for indoors.

Modern and practical aluminium cladding system, suitable for interior settings.

BATTENS LIGHT cladding brings aluminium’s modern, minimalist and innovative design on walls. It was created to offer a smart, contemporary version of wooden claddings, a valuable interior design element.

Perfect geometric shapes, highly resistant material and countless finishes from metal to highly realistic wood effect: BATTENS LIGHT gives house interiors character and personality, and increases living and acoustic comfort.

100% Italian
Easy and sustainable

The structure is designed and manufactured to be installed quickly and easily with its secure interlocking system. By following the assembly instructions, anybody can assemble their own aluminium cladding system in a few simple steps. Unlike wood and plastic, it requires no maintenance.

Aluminium has countless values: lightweight, flexible, sustainable, recycled and recyclable with an endless life cycle. It covers walls indoors, and resists deterioration over time and adverse weather conditions. It is fire-, impact- and wind-proof, easily cleaned and requires no additional treatment.

Suitable for all
Indoor shapes

SKIN BATTENS LIGHT cladding systems are designed to adapt to all shapes. Their fitting system easily adapts to cladding flat or curved walls.

BATTENS LIGHT is as versatile as design itself is, and takes on countless shapes and colours depending on the project requirements. BATTENS LIGHT cladding system can be laid in different ways and can have many different looks, also thanks to the various DFV finishes. Minimal and functional or sophisticated and contemporary, BATTENS LIGHT adds depth and colour to spaces, and character to buildings.

Hyper-realistic DFV finishes can turn every room into a unique design space.

Indoor resistance and attention to detail

Unlike wood and plastic cladding, the extruded aluminium cladding system resists adverse weather conditions and requires no maintenance. It ensures high fire-proof performance according to current regulations and protects walls from natural deterioration over time.

In addition to excellent performance, our system offers unprecedented aesthetics through DFV finishes with highly realistic material effects, from oak all the way to metal effects. BATTENS LIGHT adapts to project requirements and helps to develop interiors with attention to detail, from colour cohesiveness to spatial proportions.

Versatile for
all kinds of spaces

BATTENS LIGHT covers the walls of residential, commercial, industrial and hospitality buildings, improves acoustic comfort and ensures fireproof performance according to current regulations. Decorating meeting rooms, living rooms and bedrooms, means making rooms more comfortable in terms of living comfort.

BATTENS LIGHT covers interior walls and enhances aesthetic, acoustic and fireproof performance.



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    Outdoors and indoors, ForMe SKIN extruded aluminium cladding wraps façades and walls, providing design and sustainability. Choose your second skin between a sturdy aluminium slats CLADDING, the functional BATTENS 50 ribs or the minimal BATTENS LIGHT ribs.