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Countless finishes and sophisticated material effects to give character to your façades, interior walls and front doors.

Realistic material effects including wood, metal, and concrete, with all the advantages of aluminium: a sustainable, resistant and flexible metal that can adapt to every requirement of an architectural project.

High quality finishes from DFV, which specialises in wood effect and has done so for 50 years, to recreate every aspect of the wood feeling with remarkable material effects, both tactile and visual, without all the inconveniences and frequent maintenance required for wooden slats and panels.

In addition to the wide range of colours, DFV finishes are strong and unique: they protect cladding systems by enhancing the qualities of aluminium.



Outdoors and indoors, ForMe SKIN extruded aluminium cladding wraps façades and walls, providing design and sustainability. Choose your second skin between a sturdy aluminium slats CLADDING, the functional BATTENS 50 ribs or the minimal BATTENS LIGHT ribs.